Beshara School - Saint Cuthbert - Life & Legacy

On Saturday 17th May at 4.30pm, Katharine Tiernan will speak about the life of St Cuthbert, with readings from the Venerable Bede, and extracts from her new book:

Place of Repose: a tale of Saint Cuthbert's last journey

In 875 AD, the monks of Lindisfarne fled the marauding Danes, taking with them their most prized possessions: Cuthbert's relics and the Lindisfarne Gospels. This fascinating historical novel tells the story of the monks' seven-year quest for a safe haven for their treasures.

Katharine will also consider the subsequent history of The Saint of the North and why he matters to us today.

The event will occur at The Beshara School, Chisholme House TD9 7PH. Tea and Refreshments from 4.15pm. Donations welcome. Enquiries to (01450-880215)

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